Dinner B (For Five)


Rice or Noodle : Steam, Fried Rice or Vegetable Noodle
Soup: 3 Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup
Appetizers: Egg Roll, Wontons & Fried Shrimp
Entrees: One Selection Per Person
$15.95 Per Person (For Two or More Person)

Rice or Noodle Required, up to 1
Steam Rice
Fried Rice
Vegetable Noodle
Entrees Required, choose 5 to 5
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Sweet & Sour Pork
Beef Snow Peas
Chicken Snow Peas
Cashew Chicken
Almond Chicken
Mix Vegetables
Chicken Szechuan
Beef Szechuan
Kung Pao Chicken
Kung Pao Beef
Shrimp with Vegetables
Beef Broccoli
Chicken Broccoli
General Tao's Chicken
Glazed Shrimp & Walnuts
Singapore Street Noodles
Sizzling Beef with Scallops
Sesame Chicken
Sesame Beef
Pot of Gold
Pork Egg Foo Young
Triple Crown
Shrimp with Snow Peas
House Fried Rice
Mushroom Chicken
Spiced Chen-Pee Beef
Double Pan-Fried Noodles with Chicken
Total : $79.75